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The Chemistry Society Magazine of ARSD College

Online tools to calculate

Useful Lab Syntheses & Techniques 

Classic Organic Reactions

Microscale Gas synthesis

Free Software & Plugins

  ACD/ChemSketch 5 (3D drawing chemical structures)

  ACD/SpecViewer (viewer & presentation of all spectra)

  ACD/Cnmr & Hnmr Viewers

  Adobe Acrobat Reader (viewer needed for Journals)

  ISIS/Draw & Chime (drawing chemical structures)

  IUPAC Naming software


Lecture notes, tutorials, study topics, etc.

Basic Liquid Chromatography, (Y. Kazakevich's book)

Chemistry Problem Sets (Widener U.)

Global Instructional Chemistry

Molecular Modelling (Henry Rzepa, Imperial College

Nmr spectroscopy (Henry Rzepa, Imperial College)

Periodic Tables (

Significant Figures Tutorial (UCLA Berkeley)

Spectroscopy (Sheffield Hallam U.)

Surface Chemistry (Queen Mary College)

Tanner's Topics - General Chemistry

The basics of NMR (J.P. Hornak's book)

The Organometallic HyperTextBook

The Virtual Classroom

WebSectra (Interperating IR & NMR spectra)(UCLA)

XRD internet course

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