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Projects Completed

1. STAR Innovative Project, University of Delhi (2016-19)

    Title: An alternative for petrochemical-based polymers: Synthesis of

    biobased/semi-biobased, biodegradable, photo-functional & high-performance 

    polymers with advanced properties for a sustainable future.

2. Major Research Project, University Grants Commission (UGC) (2013- 2017)

    Title: Synthesis and characterization studies of some single-source molecular   

    precursors of Al(III), V(V), Ti (IV) and related metals for the preparation of ceramic


3. Innovation Project (2015-16), University of Delhi

    Title: Building a Future for Water: Cost-effective Alternative Plan to Yamuna Action

    Plan and Ganga Action Plan, remedial and recovery.

Other Projects: In-house Undergraduate project (STAR Scheme)


  1. Development of Low Cost reversible osmosis system. (Design and Development of an Economical, Non- Electrical, Physically driven Reverse Osmosis Machine for Rural Population living in Rural and Backward Areas. The device was reported by Hindustan newspaper and also presented and appreciated by Shri Giriraj Singh, Minister for MSME)

  2. Novel Adsorbents for efficient dye removal

  3. Compounds for wastewater treatment

  4. Quantitative analysis and comparison of commercially available antacids in Indian market


  1. Green Synthesis of metal nanoparticles using plant extracts as reducing agents

  2. A survey of blood inventory in various government hospitals of Delhi and NCR region

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