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35. Adsorption of malachite green and chrysoidine-Y by Sn-pillared clay, L. Raghav, P Patanjali, N Patanjali, &

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26. Trimetallic oxide nanocomposites of transition metals Titanium and Vanadium by sol-gel technique: Synthesis,

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8. Chapter 1, Role of pyridine and its privileged derivatives as anti-infective agents 

    Book title: Recent Developments in the Synthesis and Applications of Pyridines

    ISBN: 978-0-323-91221-1

    Publisher: Elsevier                                                                                                     (2022)


7   Chapter 5: Advancing water quality assessment via artificial neural networks (ANNs),  

     Book title: Spectroscopy and Machine Learning for Water Quality Analysis,

     ISBN: 978-0-7503-3047-3, Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd

     (                                                     (2021)


6   Chapter 2: Emerging Nanomaterials for Cancer Therapy                                        (2020)

     Book title: Nanoparticles in Medicine

     ISBN: 978-981-13-8953-5, Publisher: Springer Nature, Singapore



5.  Chapter 20, Nanotechnology for water treatment: A green approach                  (2019)

     Book: Green Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Nanoparticles (1st Ed.)           Editor(s): Ashutosh Kumar Shukla, Siavash Iravani, by Elsevier

     (, ISBN: 9780081025796

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